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Brazil is such uncivilized place sometimes.
+22 votes
Jan 29, 2021
The Non Smoker Addicted 2,132 points
It built like that, by a bunch of plunderers from Europe
ZiaQueen505WSL03 Extreme Poster 525 points
Sometimes or everyday?? Brazil is savage..
GoreLover71 60 points
The Brazilian government created the violent nature there....poor people of color suffers in every government ....all the racist will be born as people of color in their next life then they will see how it feels to be mistreated because of their skin tone.
Serralis Overlord 6,022 points
Amazon too, fuck!
+16 votes
Feb 2, 2021
DaburCuntmunjun Experienced 281 points
It's like she accepted her death and went to sleep.What a beauty.
+26 votes
Feb 6, 2021
Charliebra 50 points
Latins r animals jajajaja
+20 votes
Feb 24, 2021
imnotyou Experienced 329 points
thanks, kind of a turn on lol
El búho Extreme Poster 562 points
where so funny ?
ZiaQueen505WSL03 Extreme Poster 525 points
Latins?? I'm latina u dumb cunt... Let me guess ur white... Thinking ur above every race when y'all the most dirty, sick, weirdo, backwoods cousin fucl{ing trash... Most serial kills r white, look at the school shooters, etc... The only inferior creature is racist pigs like u.... Pig even matches ur skin color...
rockie Beginner 113 points
Gah DAYUM O-O taking notes rn
Should of raped her what a waste
+17 votes
Mar 26, 2021
femcel Veteran 10,288 points
I'm still waiting for your suicide
ZiaQueen505WSL03 Extreme Poster 525 points
It's sad 14 people like ur comment. Shows how many weak men come here... Men so weak, repulsive, cowardly and losers... Men who feel so worthless, insecure && lame they have 2 rape. Anonymous I wish the people around u could see who u r really are because they'd be ashamed & disgusted by u... Imagine being such a coward, loser u pray on the vulnerable and people who are weaker then u, imagine being such a loser... Go KYS && do the world a favor and this applies to all 14 of u losers..
GoreLover71 60 points
Yes,say your peace!
+17 votes
Jun 15, 2021
Hornheart1! Beginner 243 points
No one is even trying to help her. Envy is real and ugly
+25 votes
Dec 21, 2021
Necro Experienced 251 points
Stupid operator. Instead of helping her get up, he also takes off.
+23 votes
Mar 16, 2022
She's just playing possum.
+16 votes
Mar 19, 2022
IG: kantzkkj 卍 25 points
CardPowfu33 Experienced 259 points
dope tatoo
+21 votes
Apr 2, 2022
CountChance Overlord 6,723 points
That girl has a nice ass.
+24 votes
Apr 10, 2022
TheHound Overlord 4,540 points
Boyfriend is a little faggot that can't even stab someone to death.  She is going to make it.
+23 votes
May 24, 2022
satisfaction22 Addicted 1,746 points
that fat ass and pussy are begging to be stabbed!!
+24 votes
May 29, 2022
SukaShenya Experienced 267 points
Nice ass ;)
+20 votes
May 29, 2022
Niggerbeater11037 Experienced 382 points
Black's and Brazilians are so fucking uncivilised
+20 votes
Jun 20, 2022
GoreLover71 60 points
Talk about your own race....whites ,Asians ,Indians ,etc. Every race has ugly nasty characters that does the most heinest things ....don't act like you're better than anyone else racist !
Roostergod Experienced 276 points
i can see why he stabbed her. Bitch is busted looking
+18 votes
Jun 25, 2022
NEWBIE Overlord 5,956 points
Ok... That was a fine ass
+18 votes
Jul 3, 2022
GiuseZagato Addicted 1,690 points
Gg lol
+17 votes
Jul 8, 2022
urmomgay 38 points
still hot
+16 votes
Jul 9, 2022
North118484545 Well-Known 986 points
em…nice ass:)
+16 votes
Jul 9, 2022
mark Master 125,607 points
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