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Tarrant Omega 20,216 points
10/10 music
+10 votes
Jun 30, 2022
Hey,it'sCaleb! Extreme Poster 500 points
If you like that, you'll love me after three bottles of Coca-Cola
grief27 Overlord 5,823 points
hah woman hahahahahahaha sips*
+10 votes
Jun 30, 2022
Suiko4444 Extreme Poster 699 points
niki minaj
+7 votes
Jun 30, 2022
jameshx3 Beginner 193 points
The woman in the last picture must have fucked with the wrong person to end up like that. Is there any background info on what happened?
+7 votes
Jun 30, 2022
femcel Veteran 10,623 points
wow the last one scared me
+6 votes
Jun 30, 2022
Coochi man
Bruhh this is doom eternal music
+6 votes
Jun 30, 2022
Guvnor Omega 24,357 points
They didnt look very glamorous in the after pics..
+5 votes
Jul 1, 2022
how come messy fucked up girl snuff are very rare? especially when they are good looking ones, not some random old woman or south american ones?
+2 votes
Aug 2, 2022
Serralis Overlord 6,715 points
I'll never be the SIMP again
+3 votes
Nov 30, 2022
diedinjuly Veteran 10,253 points
ngl i love seeing pretty girls fucking destroyed
+2 votes
Nov 30, 2022
Wantmeatwantblood Experienced 430 points
It's such a pleasure indeed.
A random French guy Famous 3,183 points
We have women in there.
And a bit of something more...
+4 votes
Nov 30, 2022
catboypatrickbateman Intermediate 1,244 points
The girl with the glasses was cute (* ^ ω ^)
+3 votes
Nov 30, 2022
THEAD Experienced 270 points
This is what happens when girls and woman are over confident and think that their beauty can do anything. They go out with the wrong people and end up like that. Its sad, but some of them brought it up on themselves. I say this because I BET that some of them had the change of being with very good guys and refused those good guys for later to accept the assholed who murdered them.

I say this OUT OF EXPERIANCE because for example I knew in 2015 a girl who was a prostitute.

She was VERY HOT and BEAUTIFUL and I told her that I can help her, however the price would be that she has to cook and clean in my house and ocasionally make sex with me, and there for pay no rent at all. She chose to live with the mafia instead of course also having sex for free with them for excange of their "so called protection", however she also needed to paymoney to the mafia for it and live in their apartment that she payed for out of the money she made selling sex.

I told her to not start to work with the mafia, that if she cannot fullfil their expectations she might end up dead. That although I cannot protect her same as the mafia can, what I can do is help her to not need to pay rent and find her better contacts that is not a mafia, people that are not after to use her. In exchange I only wanted somebody to take care of my home (1 room apartment) and sometimes my sex drive too.

But she did not lsiten to me. She chose the mafia instead.

She was later, about 2 months later after I gave her the option to help her and she refused, she was killed, raped to death hrough turned inside out and found as a one week rotten corpse in a suar. She died at the age of 21.

Had she acccepted my help and not joined the mafia she would still have bin alive today.
+4 votes
Dec 1, 2022
I.Am.Just.Me Well-Known 835 points
Dude, u said for people not to use her.. but that is EXACTLY what u wanted to do. U only wanted to help her, so that u could fuck her. Desperate much?
chancho Omega 24,974 points
they're like cows, they resign themselves to their fate. most don't even try to run, they just lower the head and wait for the bullet
+2 votes
Dec 1, 2022
FatFuckFrank The Boss 29,004 points
R.I.P. whores
0 votes
Dec 1, 2022
I_Vomit_knifes 84 points
Hitler would be proud to see this
+2 votes
Dec 2, 2022
ID77828 13 points
They got what they deserve
+1 vote
Dec 4, 2022
Wantmeatwantblood Experienced 430 points
Agreed, all whores deserve to die.
CommittedNotAddicted Well-Known 833 points
Ooooh I get it now
+1 vote
Dec 5, 2022
Hey,it'sCaleb! Extreme Poster 500 points
I'll be honest, wasn't prepared for that last one
+2 votes
Dec 7, 2022
DelbertGrady The Boss 38,491 points
I can smell their CUNTS.
+1 vote
Dec 10, 2022