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Bear bites guy's neck
This is a classic bear attack video. The trainer used these bears for movies and shit. His cousin came over to make a video with a bear. He died but his video has been seen by millions so it wasn't a total failure.
11,923 views Jan 30

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BadgerFromTheYNC The Boss 45,465 points
He lives and dies forever on the web.
+5 votes
Jan 30
SandNiggerHunter Advanced 2,834 points
Should have just let the bear have some fun
0 votes
Jan 30
Cokenotcola Advanced 2,347 points
Me 10 mins after no zaza fr
+3 votes
Jan 30
mordax Beginner 113 points
and thats why big animals can never be your friends. they are still just that ---- ANIMALS! they are always unpredictable. even your own dog can bite you for no reason. animals usuallly do this when they have learned that they are stronger. this is why animals are being beaten or tortured in other ways to keep them in fear. animals are dumb compared to humans and they live in fear, not understanding their own strenght, but once they do, they will act like this bear did
0 votes
Jan 30
DirtyLilPickleBush Veteran 12,942 points
I have no idea who would downvote that but I'm my opinion, you're spot on there.  I think anyone playing with bears, lions, tigers, chimpanzees, alligators, and whatever else are just idiots.  We get some funny videos from it at least.  And yeah, the animals don't do very well with determining threats.  They will attack at a moments notice regardless of how well trained they are.  Leading to a shitty life of being beaten into submission until they're killed for something like this video.  I disagree with the dogs part.  Humans created the species and they're not driven to attack.  Granted there are dogs who are dicks and can't be trusted.  That usually stems from their environment.
Visiongzusionix Overlord 6,984 points
Now the bear gave him rabies.
+4 votes
Jan 30
Guvnor Veteran 14,182 points
What a cute cuddley bear, until it tried to eat him..
+4 votes
Jan 30
diedinjuly Overlord 6,272 points
Russians be like bröther get over here ya furry bastard. now we do shots of bodka nosdrovia!
+4 votes
Jan 31
DirtyLilPickleBush Veteran 12,942 points
Both Stephen Miller, the dead one, and Randy Miller are Americans!  This incident took place in 2008 in the ironic place named Big Bear Lake, California in The United States of America.  But Russians sure do have a long history of drinking and fucking around with huge ass bears.  You can go visit the bear Rockey in Alpine, Texas in The United States of America.  He moved there last year after a fundraiser raised enough money for him to live out the rest of his life in a sanctuary.
chancho Veteran 14,113 points
don't act all smug around animals. they can barely tolerate us, don't give them a reason to fuck you up
+2 votes
Jan 31
Well well well Beginner 158 points
Is he bleeding? Does the pope wear a pointy hat??
+1 vote
Jan 31
Chick_Magnet -672 points
his sudden movements
–3 votes
Jan 31
DirtyLilPickleBush Veteran 12,942 points

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