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LoonyBinJim Got caught buggin out
5,446 views Feb 3, 2023

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Jai_Mata_Di Famous 3,751 points
LoonyBinJim cock suckers downvote my comment ^.^
–1 vote
Feb 3, 2023
Billthebutcher Master 112,230 points
Hes a worthless dick
Jai_Mata_Di Famous 3,751 points
Jai_Mata_Di Famous 3,751 points
LoonyBinJim aka Fuckthegypsies secretly told me that he is a pussified clown who puts sugar under his pillow to watch sweet dreams
LoonyBinJimmy Intermediate 1,155 points
Oiii, @Jai_Mata_Di, you fat faggot.. )) Look at my latest video post. I just found a secret sex tape with you and your boyfriend: @Billthebutcher Disgusting fat faggs hahahaha fucking losers
Billthebutcher Master 112,230 points
Didn't do it out of anger did it out of fun. Your just entertainment for me at this point <a href='../user/LoonyBinJim'>@LoonyBinJim
Jai_Mata_Di Famous 3,751 points
Says the same person using alternate account who just now posted a video mentioning two username hahaha @Billthebutcher you were right he's just entertaining all of us hahahaha
Billthebutcher Master 112,230 points
Funny thing is I havnt read a thing @LoonyBinJim typed yet lmfao
Billthebutcher Master 112,230 points
@LoonyBinJim is just our pawn. Hes a weak individual looking for redemption on a gore site. Totally pathetic
Nigger slave owner Natural Addict 7,637 points
Why not use a knife
–3 votes
Feb 3, 2023
NiggersAreScum Famous 3,360 points
Love that name friend
fuckthelife Hacker 75,172 points
nice film Bill made me really laugh
–4 votes
Feb 3, 2023
Billthebutcher Master 112,230 points
Appreciate it man
Chicken_Lover Omega 24,654 points
They must have caught him stealing, filthy gypsies just can't help themselves.
+4 votes
Feb 3, 2023
NiggersAreScum Famous 3,360 points
Meh. He’ll live
0 votes
Feb 3, 2023
NiggersAreScum Famous 3,360 points
@gjmojo67 will forever be downvoting me lol. But I’ll still accumulate more points than he can handle the little monkey boy. Better start making more accounts
DirtyLilPickleBush Veteran 14,703 points
He is a very funny guy.  It's funny watching all his comments disappear.
NiggersAreScum Famous 3,360 points
I love how determined you are to stamp out racism but unfortunately for you, most people hate niggers. Even if they don’t express it publicly. I mean who in their right mind wants to live in a nigger ghetto shithole or africa or Jamaica?
NiggersAreScum Famous 3,360 points
I thought you might actually be a funny troll, but you’re actually just a retard lol
NiggersAreScum Famous 3,360 points
Literally a spineless little nigger lover. Keep deleting your comments. Man up little negro bitch
fuckthelife Hacker 75,172 points
haha lol all the way brother, and gjmojo67 nigger sucks cocks
TedBundy33 Beginner 228 points
He writes a lot of shit that no one reads or sees as they disappear so fast, poor little guy is constantly writing his nigger heart out and for nothing. I wonder if he's ever going to realize that no one cares and whatever he writes will only be around briefly so it's pointless but he keeps going lmfao most people don't read a word he writes it's always the same lame nigger lovin speech
fuckthelife Hacker 75,172 points
yeah the nigger never learns that no one takes any notice of him he has no friends where he lives in the nigger hood I bet he has all zits and monkey pox all over his face and scabs
gjmojo67 The Boss 35,902 points
@TedBundy33. Sure you read buddy. Otherwise you wouldn't have my username on your mouth. Back to big daddy @fuckthelife. Cheers.
LeftismIsPure-Evil Intermediate 1,070 points
@ghmojo67 your pure-worthless and pure-evil shitdemon ass is going to die from your covid-19 vaxx very soon. Cope with dying along with the pure-evil lying leftist scum exactly like yourself.
MonkeyBitchHoe69 Intermediate 1,351 points
I don't think leftism is evil.  I actually think they're just that fucking dumb.  But it's hard to tell because they sure love allowing criminals to go free and continue their lives of crime.  I'm not sure but 8t seems like they're just idiots.
NiggersAreScum Famous 3,360 points
I agree, I think they are just too fucking stupid to see the facts
LeftismIsPure-Evil Intermediate 1,070 points
If you think leftism is not evil you have not seen bolshevism and what leftists really are without a mask. Pure and utter evil and lies.
LeftismIsPure-Evil Intermediate 1,070 points
Worthless slavic mongrel piece of scum
–2 votes
Feb 5, 2023
SandNiggerHunter Famous 3,331 points
So they had metal bats but still failed to do any damage, then put a little bit of flammable liquid on his jeans, set him on fire and let him go. The fire will be put long before it does any damage.
–3 votes
Feb 6, 2023
Flapoonge Intermediate 1,377 points
I bet he regrets doing or not doing whatever it is that he did or didn't do.
+2 votes
Feb 7, 2023
rosalindwoods Well-Known 917 points
my holes will make your day
0 votes
Feb 13
Billthebutcher Master 112,230 points