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Brutal! Bad Ending For Young Woman After Stealing From Her Bos
Stealing Drugs Hurts In Russia
428,195 views Aug 19, 2021

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shit on cock Veteran 10,500 points
Pussy pass denied SUKA
+25 votes
Aug 19, 2021
XRedPyramidX -21 points
Shut up bitch
I wouldve rape her instead, her eyes are so beautiful.
+21 votes
Aug 19, 2021
Hungryniggers769 52 points
niggers like you are the infectant of this earth you tainted bitch
Geneva 0 points
worthless imbecile, blatantly conveying his profound form of worthlessness
WhitePplK 0 points
You get no bitches that’s why haha
gjmojo67 The Boss 35,858 points
No niggers in the video, you racist faggots are always obsessed on blacks.
THEAD Beginner 235 points
Although all of the others think that in her case rape is bad, it is actually better then beating her that badly because a normal rape (not killing her) would not let as much marks in life like beating her so hard that she might die or as she was left without teeth in her mouth from it.
GoreLover71 60 points
Look at her eyes
+22 votes
Aug 20, 2021
She is beautiful slim young and obeying , while in the west they are old fat and want be bossy bitch , in west when women are young and pretty they dont care to do the right thing but when they get older and  lose their looks they want men to do the right thing

Ps: i think its staged he put red painting on her to look like blood
+19 votes
Aug 20, 2021
XRedPyramidX -21 points
Better delete your comment pussy
+17 votes
Aug 26, 2021
chadstevenson Experienced 454 points
she better be okay i swear
+16 votes
Sep 25, 2021
Butt-Head Omega 23,579 points
Omg this is hot!!! But why are these beta cucks being so gentle?
+17 votes
Oct 2, 2021
El búho Extreme Poster 562 points
Only a coward would do such an outrage
+19 votes
Dec 20, 2021
Hornheart1! Beginner 243 points
Ends as he's going back in the car to get a weapon. She should've sucked and fucked them both dry immediately. There's nothing she could say after that first punch was thrown.
+17 votes
Dec 21, 2021
Iampolite777 Omega 16,174 points
Belle eillish leaked footage
+19 votes
Jan 11, 2022
KKKlover666 Intermediate 1,097 points
shes kinda cute i would rape her instead haha
+22 votes
Mar 5, 2022
LoonyBinJimmy Well-Known 909 points
With what? You must have a dick to fuck something, you faggot
hellokittywithcum Beginner 171 points
I'm a antifascist slut. I'm waiting for my neonazis daddy for brutal punish me
madscientist88 83 points
average antifa supporter
hellokittywithcum Beginner 171 points
Life is one
LOG FOG Experienced 303 points
Love watching a bitch get her kicked. Looks like she been beat before with speared to be pading in her mouth.. wish he used a hammer  that been cool .. unless bitch..
+17 votes
Mar 6, 2022
LoonyBinJimmy Well-Known 909 points
Fucking retarded small dick loser . Just a loser who is rejected by gorgeous women can say craps like you, you fucktard
Kurtis mann Natural Addict 7,139 points
Looks like Billie Eilish got in trouble
+16 votes
Mar 6, 2022
F*CK N*GGER'S Extreme Poster 604 points
I love that!!!!!!!
+16 votes
Mar 14, 2022
PsychoHebrewRemover卐 Famous 3,079 points
I admit seeing a cute girl kicked and her teeth smashed has more effect than some sandnigger killed for free,  however good video mate
+20 votes
Apr 21, 2022
Societys Weirdo 30 points
Are u obsessed with blacks
EmptyCanOfTuna Extreme Poster 607 points
i feel bad but at the same time she does seem like a suka
+14 votes
May 31, 2022
It's me Mario Overlord 5,392 points
Jahajajajaa xd lol
+13 votes
Jun 17, 2022
Legz Advanced 2,269 points
Wtf Did he steal
+12 votes
Jul 7, 2022
GoreLover71 60 points
She probably didn't steal anything ....she was most likely blamed for what someone else did....I bet any amount of money . The dude kicking her hates women ....this girl needs comfort not being brutalized.SMMFH !!!!!
Legz Advanced 2,269 points
In tht case …. Should have killed it :c
The Non Smoker Addicted 2,132 points
Cyka blyat!
+10 votes
Jul 17, 2022
Rusty Nail 76 points
Fucked up Russian bitch. She got into the drug business herself
+10 votes
Jul 21, 2022
mark Master 125,612 points
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