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Russians assaulting enemy position and killing an Ukrainian soldier stabbing him with a bayonet


4,296 views Oct 26, 2023

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Dobry69 Veteran 13,906 points
why did he drop his weapon in the last second? I think he wanted to fist fight him
+3 votes
Oct 26, 2023
Rumilov Well-Known 756 points
There are maniacs from prison who would rather capture ukros alive and torture them later for shits and giggles
Rachele Natural Addict 7,369 points
hahhahahha, nicee
+2 votes
Oct 26, 2023
SNIFF MY BUTTCRACK Overlord 6,060 points
Stabby stabby
+2 votes
Oct 26, 2023
wolfred10 Famous 3,954 points
Keep cleaning Ukraine like this
+3 votes
Oct 26, 2023
Rumilov Well-Known 756 points
Must be one of those storm Z prison-recruited Battalions. A lot of maniacs in there
+1 vote
Oct 27, 2023
EUfagStomper Famous 3,224 points
brave russians dont need guns for these pigs ahhahahahhaa
+1 vote
Oct 27, 2023
WhiteCrow Grandmaster 166,038 points