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Overcooked cable thief in Argentina (Infos)

He was trying to steal high voltage cables in Rosario, he was electrocuted and ended up with 90% of his body burned

It happened last Sunday on Avenida Presidente Perón at 6000. The offender suffered severe burns and his condition is “critical,” as confirmed by the Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital.

In addition to being in the news for attacks by hitmen and crimes linked to drug trafficking , added to the repeated threats that senior political and local Justice officials usually receive, the city of Rosario also suffers from the growth of a new type of crime: robbery. of high tension cables. In this context, last Sunday a 20-year-old young man entered a well of the EPE (Provincial Energy Company) of Santa Fe, was electrocuted while trying to get his loot and ended up with 90% of his body. Burned.

Police sources consulted by Infobae stated that the incident occurred around 7 p.m. in an underground line on Avenida Presidente Perón at 6000, between Garzón and Magallanes.

The images captured by witnesses show the criminal trembling after leaving the well and with his entire body black , as a result of the severe burns he suffered when receiving the electric shock. “Stay there, stay there!” the neighbors are heard shouting in one of the films, in their attempt to help the young man but always maintaining a safe distance. Totally disoriented, the assailant staggered from side to side and could barely stand.

A second video showed the moments after the incident, with the thief sitting on the mound of earth that the EPE workers had extracted to carry out the necessary work, while waiting for the arrival of an ambulance.

After being helped by agents from the 32nd Police Station of Regional Unit II of Rosario, the thief was referred to the Dr. Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital (HECA), where he was diagnosed with severe burns that affected almost his entire body.

Laura Taljame , deputy director of HECA, spoke with the press this Monday and confirmed that the patient entered the health center last Sunday “with 90 percent of his body burned.” Likewise, she stated that she is in intensive care with an “extremely critical” condition , for which she receives respiratory assistance to remain alive.

As police sources confirmed to this media, agents detained another suspect at the scene, who was also pointed out by neighbors in relation to the alleged robbery attempt. A witness cited by Rosario3 media said that this 34-year-old boy is the older brother of the young man who is fighting for his life in the HECA. He was unharmed and was apprehended.

"Rosary beads. EPE personnel are working in Presidente Perón at 6000 after vandalization of underground cables. "Due to the incident, there are two injured people who were taken to a hospital ," the EPE published on its X account, along with an image of the facilities damaged during the attempted robbery.

As mentioned above, this episode was not an isolated event. Without going any further, a few weeks ago a man was electrocuted while trying to steal part of the wiring in Ricchieri at 3900. As a result of the fatal electric shock, the criminal was left hanging from the power lines.

“ They have been stealing everything from us for two months. It must be the same. It probably went up my roof and then ended up on the column where he was. He will be a kid of about 30 years old,” said a witness to that event during contact with Cadena 3 Rosario.

For her part, another neighbor reported: “It's terrible, you can't believe it, it's crazy. But here it is like that every day, cables are stolen every day. We are used to it".

In the midst of a growing wave of copper cable thefts, Esteban Rezza , spokesperson for the EPE, stated days ago that, until early January, the survey carried out by the company warned of an infrastructure loss of approximately 2 million dollars in the entire province. “Those two million dollars are felt when having to go out and buy supplies because their price is dollarized,” he said in statements to LT8.

Faced with this problem, Rezza also suggested the possibility of considering this type of crime as illicit association , warning that “these robberies cannot be considered without incorporating scrapyards; the places where stolen material is reduced.”

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