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Mass Shooting At Crocus City Hall In Moscow Russia, 22 March 2024 (All Videos I get Until Now+Infos+Pictures)














































































Worthy to note that ISlS released photos of the 4 shooters, essentially confirming it was them.

Official CIA warning to Moscow posted march 7th

At least one of the shooters was already at Crocus on march 7, probably checking where the exits/biggest rooms are

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WhiteCrow High Lord 281,560 points
took me 2 hours to make this post! ill update it if theres anything more tomorrow or i will just make a new post
+27 votes
Mar 23
NiggerMORTIS Extreme Poster 697 points
The community appreciates your service and values your diligence to our entertainment. I hope people accidentally jerk off to you from time to time. Get your prostate gargled by a nigger, don't settle for less king
WhiteCrow High Lord 281,560 points
i hope they are jerking off to me on purpose
Garrib 1 point
Ils ont même pas eu l'idée de changer de voiture???
Pas des professionnels mais des amateurs manipulés par des juifs plein d'argent!!!
Bfotv Addicted 1,899 points
good job!
NiggerMORTIS Extreme Poster 697 points
@WhiteCrow Consider it done you filthy degenerate
Podis 0 points
Keep up the good work man you are really covering this situation like no one else, We all appreciate it  thanks man.
catwoman66666 47 points
good work keep is updated
Fuckoffyvon420 Well-Known 895 points
It would take me much longer to read it all, need to learn another language first
piercedheart 9 points
I love you so much whitecrow cutie >3<
JohnRivers Beginner 204 points
Thanks man, can see a lot of effort went into this. Comprehensive af.
BladeofRed 18 points
WhiteCrow High Lord 281,560 points
we all have been banned from discord now! go add my new account here this is my username pp669k @piercedheart
Man 57 points
Weak gore, also communists only say "community"
TheSwissGentleman Beginner 137 points
Thank you. Appreciate it.
Fan0fThaKlan Intermediate 1,029 points
Lol.. looks like you got everything except their social security numbers
+10 votes
Mar 23
WhiteCrow High Lord 281,560 points
SonozakiEcsed The Boss 35,940 points
Amazing work, thank you so much
+7 votes
Mar 23
NoLivesMatter Addicted 1,921 points
Great work. Much appreciated
+10 votes
Mar 23
rapper_ARAB77 Extreme Poster 708 points
NebuJlN Veteran 11,628 points
Damn, that looks like a fun night.
+10 votes
Mar 23
Morfient Omega 15,981 points
This is awesome, ruZZians are getting what they deserve.
+12 votes
Mar 23
WhiteCrow High Lord 281,560 points
they were innocent peoples with their families
ApisD 29 points
Now we hope for similar terrorist attacks in Ukraine and that many ukrainian children with their mothers hugging them will die
RealmKafir Extreme Poster 747 points
your faggot Ukranian ass will also get faggot treatment "NO UKRANIAN" mission.
JohnnieWalker Advanced 2,660 points
"terrorist attacks in Ukraine and that many ukrainian children with their mothers hugging them will die"

That already happens on a daily basis, thanks to the Russian invaders. No sympathy, those same Russian Christians bombed women and children in Chechnya, a just revenge for their atrocities committed in Grozny.
JohnnieWalker Advanced 2,660 points
Those same families voted for Putin, you faggs always say that "Politicians don't represent the people", which is quite uncertain considering that politicians are elected and re-elected by the majority of the people. They only suffered 1% of what Ukrainians are still suffering because of them, the victims of Chechnya and Ukraine were and will continue to be avenged.
harimanoshimo Advanced 2,912 points
But they were russian people with russian families
fucken1111 49 points
@morfient you dumb ukrofaggot and your tranny friends are still getting banged step by step go beg the western world for more trash in exchange for your ass hahaha
RBWeide Beginner 106 points
After all, it's not for nothing that Putin decided to clean up your rotten pseudonation of faggots
khzx117 Beginner 235 points
so muslim trash was able to make what fuckranians couldn't? fukranians are a joke an their shitty otan suported country is being destroyed right now
AssholDikSquire Famous 3,021 points
If you prefer these maggots over russians you definitely get fucked in the ass for bottle caps, saffron, and opium. You little dirty maggot fruit cake
NakedLunch Addicted 1,807 points
Wow! So many videos! Stunning post
+6 votes
Mar 23
WhiteCrow High Lord 281,560 points
we all have been banned from discord now! go add my new account here this is my username pp669k
Real_Misanthrope Veteran 11,520 points
Lots of fun!
+7 votes
Mar 23
I_am_innocent Omega 16,298 points
Finally something fun.
+7 votes
Mar 23
fucken1111 49 points
Finally you are a dumb faggot again haha
BaconKing_104 Advanced 2,634 points
lol only some faggot npc with a cringe smelly south park pfp could say such thing
Billthebutcher Master 118,016 points
I can't think of a better pass time. I mean fuck... walking into a mall and just start popping the unexpected... especially russian fucks. Just getting what they deserve.  Very nice post
+9 votes
Mar 23
ApisD 29 points
Now we hope for similar terrorist attacks in Ukraine and that many ukrainian children with their mothers hugging them will die
Billthebutcher Master 118,016 points
Lmao still hoping huh
BaconKing_104 Advanced 2,634 points
i fap to all the mass shooting happened in the usa where many many americunts were killed while pissing their pants
I'm Argentinian Experienced 450 points
Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. Rest in peace all the innocent people who perished, and can't wait for russias response to this by exterminating some Muslim terrorist scum.
+14 votes
Mar 23
sad1sta Addicted 1,988 points
response? that was a response, better check what russians were up to for the past decades, now they got a taste of their own medicine
ApisD 29 points
Now we hope for similar terrorist attacks in Ukraine and that many ukrainian children with their mothers hugging them will die
Garrib 1 point
Tu racontes que de la merde...  
Combien de fous blancs rentrent avec une arme aux usa et tuent 20/30/40/50 personnes chaque année?
Cette attaque a eté fomenté en haut lieu par les sionistes nazis.....ils tiennent les médias/les banques/les gouvernements/les armées du monde y'a 5 mois de ça,un député du likoud a menacé sévèrement la Russie sur la chaîne RT de payer le prix fort.....
Tu es un imbécile....reste à regarder le foot...tu es loin de la réalité de ce monde.....Argentine?
Les anglais eux mêmes vous traiter de terroristes en 1981....durant la guerre des malouines!
Ceux qui ont fait ça connaissent rien à l'islam,s'en.moque du Ramadan et de la vie des innocents....ce sont des mercenaires payés par la Cia ou le Mossad pour faire rentrer la Russie dans une guerre civile.....Imbécile, tu connais rien!
Garrib 1 point
L'Argentin ,avec son président juif et sioniste,veut nous expliquer qui sont les terroristes.....
Devise du Mossadar la ruse,on triomphera
Garrib 1 point
L'Argentin ,avec son président juif et sioniste,veut nous expliquer qui sont les terroristes.....
Devise du Mossadar la ruse,on triomphera
Dernière chose :sur le site livegore....combien de blancs européens, en Russie,aux usa ,en ukraine rentrent dans des écoles, des cinémas,des discothèques et tuent tout le monde et personne ne les qualifie de terroristes.......quand c'est une personne avec un prénom musulman,là direct TERRORISTE!
liveforentertainment Intermediate 1,270 points
after what Russia did in Chechnya and Syria it is surprising that stuff like this is not happening a lot more often.
AssholDikSquire Famous 3,021 points
Wrong Faggot!!! All Muslims are terrorist, cousin fuckers, and pedophiles.

They are not docile, quiet, and they are all up in your face. Clearly you're a faggot who's never lived around Muslims en masse. And just want to feel morally superior well I'm here to tell you that you're are so wrong you faggot boy!
matarmatarkancer 1 point
soy de argentina
AssholDikSquire Famous 3,021 points
Faggot ^
EmptyCanOfTuna Well-Known 764 points
You don't understand, Russian prisons make ADX Florence look like a 5-star resort, lol
ApisD 29 points
Now we hope for similar terrorist attacks in Ukraine and that many ukrainian children with their mothers hugging them will die
+10 votes
Mar 23
Billthebutcher Master 118,016 points
Why do you keep saying the same stupid shit?
NiggerMORTIS Extreme Poster 697 points
It's some AAVE shit, who knows
Garrib 1 point
Les champions des attaques sous faux drapeau sont les juifs!
1967:Attaque du uss liberty par l'aviation israélienne pour faire porter le chapeau à l'égypte...
Sukuna Addicted 1,756 points
Same I wanna see more babies die and woman too, Becuase there are more woman than men in the world.
AssholDikSquire Famous 3,021 points
@billthebutcher because Ukrainians are terrorist and they deserve to die that's why
CrackHead Well-Known 979 points
lot of info, kudos to WhiteCrow
+7 votes
Mar 23
Nigger slave owner Natural Addict 8,923 points
Peoples heroes of Russia
+6 votes
Mar 23
Well well well Intermediate 1,199 points
Good luck to you all gentlemen
+5 votes
Mar 23
SendNukes690 Beginner 182 points
Remember, no vatniks.
+8 votes
Mar 23
Bfotv Addicted 1,899 points
+5 votes
Mar 23
Sukuna Addicted 1,756 points
I get happy to see this, people disgust me and when they die I feel relieved because there are less of us. Those terrorists and killers are doing a great job for the health of the world.
+3 votes
Mar 24
BaconKing_104 Advanced 2,634 points
anime pfp
Sukuna Addicted 1,756 points
You also have a pfp what makes me so special, I am sukuna so I am special!
Sukuna Addicted 1,756 points
Baconking become my friend I just already followed you
BaconKing_104 Advanced 2,634 points
done lol
Jojo2109 Beginner 123 points
Russians will cut off his balls. Dumbass terrorist
+9 votes
Mar 24
megakotaro Intermediate 1,168 points
Eliminate all the Muslim there will be a safer world. From 911 to Russia, Muslim commit crime everyday.
+6 votes
Mar 24
SanatanIsmadarch0d 7 points
@megakotaro Muslims are boss ypu fucking bastard
kingpin Famous 3,342 points
@SanatanIsmadarch0d pisslamic insect foundwhore kid
AssholDikSquire Famous 3,021 points
@SanatanIsmadarch0d Muslim are mob boss on mobile video games, yeah. Not in real life tho. In real life they get their ass beat. That's why they only target women/kids. And won't fight like a cultured White who was taught growing up that fighting like a bitch (like Muslims) you will be remembered as a bitch.
WhiteCrow High Lord 281,560 points