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Cruel! Teen Girl Beaten & Burned Alive in Guatemala
I have discovered some information about this lynching. The event took place in Guatemala. The girl being lynched is 16 years old. She and two men murdered and robbed a taxi driver in this city (Suchitepequez) very shortly before this video was filmed.

The two men fled into a series of alleyways and escaped, but the girl took a wrong turn and was surrounded by a vigilante mob. Several witnesses had seen her participate in the shooting (though my information did not indicate whether she actually wielded and fired a gun) and she admitted to it in front of the crowd in hopes that it would buy her some mercy.

As we can see, it did not. This video depicts a hastily-formed lynch mob dispensing their form of 'justice' on a killer. -Ved
425,305 views Oct 16, 2019

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232Bas Veteran 10,957 points
this one is a classic
+5 votes
Jul 23, 2022
Shit_Cock137 Natural Addict 8,189 points
+6 votes
Sep 10, 2022
GoreB4sleep Intermediate 1,032 points
Good one
El Engendro del mal 70 points
Estupida se lo merece
+4 votes
Sep 19, 2022
Slavicslut 24 points
Holy shit
+6 votes
Oct 18, 2022
gjmojo67 The Boss 35,902 points
Yeah pretty damn brutal.
Chicken_Lover Omega 24,654 points
Too dumb to even keep rolling.
+3 votes
Oct 21, 2022
INeedHelp 33 points
Gasoline barely goes out.  Woulda killed her either way
Homunculus_ Famous 3,352 points
The guy who gave her more gas got a bit of the heat himself haha!
+4 votes
Nov 24, 2022
Aku 41 points
Ese día no invitaron a la carne asada,que descortesía (・`ω´・)
Guvnor Omega 23,396 points
Good info..
+5 votes
Nov 24, 2022
GoreLover71 88 points
I couldn't watch them burn this girl....all of them should have been charged with murder.
+4 votes
Dec 3, 2022
INeedHelp 33 points
You’re deadass named “gore lover”
Joachin 69 points
good content. Love this site
+4 votes
Dec 11, 2022
Aku 41 points
Información en manera de entretenimiento,solo hay que tener morbo y buen estómago, bienvenido y feliz año nuevo (っ˘ω˘ς )
coonblaster Extreme Poster 630 points
+5 votes
Jan 13, 2023
tumamaputa0715 Intermediate 1,179 points
+4 votes
Jan 22, 2023
Dindu Bitch Extreme Poster 512 points
Air pollution
+3 votes
Feb 10, 2023
starkweather616 68 points
+2 votes
Apr 9, 2023
Papotemalo 74 points
Stupid bitch deserved it
+2 votes
Apr 24, 2023
haunt257884 8 points
stupid mexican stop robbing
+1 vote
May 28, 2023
epsilon Advanced 2,293 points
nice you provided some background info
+1 vote
Jun 7, 2023
ificouldfly Extreme Poster 598 points
She was just a child. Thats not fair
+1 vote
Jul 6, 2023
101beast 5 points
I wish I could kill every single person who watched that happen, I know she committed a heinous crime, but that is not justice. The people who burned her I wish I could kill slow, very, very slow, over months time. I hate every single person who witnessed that and did nothing. May you all die painfully and burn in hell forever.
+1 vote
Jul 24, 2023
Levinski Beginner 112 points
should've played 'play with fire' on the background
+1 vote
Jul 31, 2023
GoreB4sleep Intermediate 1,032 points
You choose to be a murderer and a thief, so this is what you deserve.
+1 vote
Sep 23, 2023
zack Omega 18,764 points