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Important Update!

The Murder Of Robert Beckowıtz

       The Murder Of Robert Beckowıtz

On July 14, 1982, Robert Berkowitz was shot in the head by his friend James Glover and stabbed around 84 times.

During the next three days, Jeannine and James mutilated Robert’s body with a hacksaw, had sex with each other and Robert’s body, and took pictures of the events all while high on drugs.

Despite the graphic and disturbing nature of what happened, Jeannine was only sentenced to 6-10 years for mutilation of a dead human body while James was sentenced to 30-50 years for 2nd degree murder, 2 years for possession of a firearm, and also 6-10 years for mutilation of a dead human body.


The Degenerates (Movie)



Myuu - Scent of Night


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RageStir Beginner 227 points
Girl looks 12 haha
+18 votes
Feb 25, 2022
CuriousGirlZee Experienced 389 points
Different laws back then.
rejectMonkey Intermediate 1,311 points
looks like thin adult hag
Turd Ferguson Natural Addict 8,269 points
With the biggest bush I've ever seen.
KKKlover666 Intermediate 1,089 points
creepy af
+22 votes
Feb 25, 2022
rawdawg Natural Addict 8,272 points
Knowing nothing about this case,and only from this post, I would say Robert Beckowitz was one mean prick and extremely condescending to the two that killed him.  This was personal and they lavished in this ¹
+17 votes
Feb 25, 2022
CuriousGirlZee Experienced 389 points
Implying the murderers were kind and were devout church goers?
rawdawg Natural Addict 8,272 points
The implication, if any, is that these two had a personal problem with this Beckowitz dude and were being treated like shit by the sob and vindictively behaved accordingly {church attendance inference is a giant leap in whoville}.  I personally think they were all depraved bastards.  
@CuriousGirlX what's reported isn't so, necessarily, behind the closed door of wtf.  Of course that's where I come in and give a more 'whats really going on' assessment; generally correcting people like yourself, as well.
madscientist88 63 points
@CuriousGirlZee impying that church goers arent brainwashed?
waterLika87 Addicted 1,713 points
Watched the trailer on that imdb page.
Dude, that's some porn level acting
+16 votes
Feb 25, 2022
CuriousGirlZee Experienced 389 points
For anyone who wants to know:

- Robert Beckowıtz was dating Jannine (the girl in the pix)
- Robert was friends with James (the killer)
- Jannine and James were having an affair that Robert didnt know about
- Jannine and James figured to kill Robert so they could be in a relationship without hiding it from Robert.
+20 votes
Feb 25, 2022
Ivan Intermediate 1,498 points
That is disgusting! Look at that bush!
+19 votes
Feb 25, 2022
The Non Smoker Addicted 2,098 points
Bush I like, having bush gives you +1 sensation
CUIUS Intermediate 1,152 points
A photo not in the video

+19 votes
Feb 25, 2022
Deletedelete Intermediate 1,138 points
All in the family on the tele
Sussy Baka Omega 23,523 points
Vomit-inducing shit this is
+19 votes
Feb 25, 2022
pussifer Intermediate 1,160 points
welcome to movie recaps
+17 votes
Feb 25, 2022
ratgrl777 Beginner 195 points
and why he ourple
+15 votes
Feb 25, 2022
Turd Ferguson Natural Addict 8,269 points
Kellwig Omega 16,921 points
Internal bleeding , not decomposition just yet.
Turd Ferguson Natural Addict 8,269 points
Really? I would've thought decomposition. Thanks!
Kellwig Omega 16,921 points
Yeah, you’ll see that purple discolouration under the skin when weightlifters severely tear a muscle. Dark purple
Turd Ferguson Natural Addict 8,269 points
Damn. That must hurt like a bitch. So, basically, it's like the hematoma from hell?
chancho Veteran 12,431 points
this was in dan's gallery of the grotesque, the granddaddy of internet gore sites, back in 1995. it was titled 'natural born losers'
+18 votes
Feb 26, 2022
Kellwig Omega 16,921 points
How old are you ?
chancho Veteran 12,431 points
if i were a car, we'd say my odometer had rolled over a couple of times already
Kellwig Omega 16,921 points
That’s kinda rad, old buck
gjmojo67 The Boss 31,764 points
I guess I will be the guy to throw some racial shit in here (everybody always throw black under the bus). What is up with white people? It's not enought to kill him; that is why I don't trust honkies; first most of them are closet racists who would never let you know in your face, and then, they are
EVIL mother fuckers!
+13 votes
Jun 27, 2022
BadgerFromTheYNC The Boss 38,493 points
STFU nigger and fix me a mint julep.
rockie Beginner 109 points
This was so dumb and unnecessary and what's a mint julep?
gjmojo67 The Boss 31,764 points
I think I'll keeping talking racist POS. I had the one to get it out of you because you know cannot resist writing the word nigger on every clip. You should know perfectly well nobody is shut up because of blabbering racist. Cheers.
gjmojo67 The Boss 31,764 points
Yeah, I know it was a boy extreme but it's that every clip I look somebody has to drop the n- word and say all of them are savages. Well here we have two savages who are white, but nobody is saying or referring to their race.
WhitesEatNiggerCum Overlord 5,034 points
Yeah man.
Vanligovanlig Extreme Poster 589 points
I do, why are you such a race hero dude
The Non Smoker Addicted 2,098 points
Why this sad music edit in a fun video?
+9 votes
Jul 17, 2022
The Non Smoker Addicted 2,098 points
Well, the video makers seemingly enjoying :>
brix Advanced 2,740 points
Very interesting.
+6 votes
Jul 31, 2022
B4WB4G Extreme Poster 717 points
How do these people meet ?
+7 votes
Aug 3, 2022
Flapoonge Well-Known 984 points
At least they had a sense of humour.
+5 votes
Aug 11, 2022
BadgerFromTheYNC The Boss 38,493 points
Looks like a Biden family reunion.
+7 votes
Aug 12, 2022
rawdawg Natural Addict 8,272 points
Trumps orange cult wanted a photo opp as well; but nixed it, stating the Manson Family votes werent enough.
Ayee its marioo 26 points
The end was lmao
+4 votes
Aug 21, 2022
gjmojo67 The Boss 31,764 points
White people are such savages! Back to the caves please.
+3 votes
Aug 25, 2022
gjmojo67 The Boss 31,764 points
Typical white people.
+3 votes
Sep 2, 2022
CUIUS Intermediate 1,152 points

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